Shooting Singapore’s grand skyline and sites with aerial photography

Singapore is a land whose beauty multiplies by night but if you are just a golden hour fan of the Singaporean panorama, even then you will have plenty of fun experiencing Singapore’s skyline. Aerial photography-videography is among the most lucrative, astonishing and beautiful modern developments and with mediums making the means available for decent budgets, professionals like real estate agents to hobbyists can enjoy the luxury of aerial photography. What sets an aerial shot apart from every other possible image is its angle of view that is not commonly accessible for humans. Aerial shots capture bird’s point of view and given the common perspective, this angle never fails to amuse.

Here are some chief ways to achieve best aerial photography results:

Balloon method

A large balloon is used to capture scenic aerial photographs and videos through the mounted cameras. Used extensively for a narrow region parameter, this options works when looking to shoot over a fairly small and quirt area. It is also neighbor friendly, convenient, and quiet but requires higher time investment and may offer inaccuracies to some extent. In addition, this option is best suitable when you are looking for best aerial photography over low-altitude area.DCIM103GOPRO

Kite Method

Kite flying is more a technical art then comprehensive science and the same goes for photography through kites. Large size kites are used with mounted cameras to capture from a significantly medium altitude. Akin to the balloon method, this offers a certain level of inaccuracy as a risk but is fairly quiet and suitable for covering weddings or other functions, residential area, a specific construction project, etc.

Helicopter manned method

A photography or photography technician shoots from a helicopter while the chopper flies over the parameter area. This option offers fairly high quality photography with impressive accurate and is best suitable for getting high quality large area photographs. Nevertheless, for low-altitude photography, it is fairly costly and because helicopters produce much noise, this limits its application to commercial options.upload_06022014 076_sm_master4

RC Unmanned Helicopter option

This options involves an unmanned helicopters that is controlled via remote access device by the photography and technician. Suitable for low altitude accurate shots, this medium is fairly cost-effective and isn’t as loud as manned helicopter one. Another benefit is that this option by Singapore aerial photography produces fairly high quality images and is best suitable for landscapes, or even real estate and commercial areas. This option also offers larger extent of modification, versatility and manual control without involving the risk that manned helicopter photography includes.

Aerial photography’s application is not limited to just environmental studies or artistic movie shots featuring a glorious golden or glowing night skyline but also to commercial fields like real estate, survey sites or even personal interests like low altitude wedding or other parties and celebrations aerial shots, etc. While movie producers and researchers make the most use of the means, the availability of cheaper means to capture the bird’s view of the world is surely impressive in its exquisite way. And, those who understand the value of visual persuasion will sure find ways to apply this beautiful technique for commercial means.


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